Why Join Us ?

Benefits of Joining the Sunshine Coast Tri Club

After a long period of operating as a membership only club, we are gradually putting together a roster of weekly training activities (see below) for the benefit of our members. The other benefits of being a member of our club are;

  • Membership of one of the oldest clubs in Queensland;
  • An immediately $120.00 discount off your TA licence (see benefits of joining TA below)
  • Interacting with other triathletes
  • Networking / linking in with other triathlon squads (see our sponsors)
  • Keeping up to date with local events and news through our newsfeed and FB page

Benefits of Joining Triathlon Australia

Full details can be found here but include;

  • Insurance including while training
  • No race-day licence fees
  • Priority entry to big races such as Noosa, Mooloolaba and Ironman
  • Discounts from major suppliers such as Scody

Our Club Events

Our current roster of training events is as follows;