Project 220


Project 220

Project 220 is an initiative of the Sunshine Coast Triathlon Club and an exciting new virtual triathlon challenge whereby athletes complete 220 kilometres in 220 hours.

Join runners, walkers and wheelies from around the world and register for the Sunshine Coast Tri Club Project 220 Virtual Triathlon.  Challenge yourself or grab your friends and form a team.

Virtual Triathlon

Participants must complete 220 kilometres of a swim, bike and run, in any order, within a total time of 220 hours (9 days and 2 hours).

Athletes create their own distance challenge for each discipline.  For example, an athlete might complete a total of 10 kilometres swim, 160 kilometres bike and 50 kilometres run.  The distances can be made up in several sessions, in any order, and at any location.

When does the event happen?

Project 220 must be completed anytime from the 1 – 30 September 2020.

Athletes can choice to complete the 220 kilometres anytime over the 30 days of September, or for an extra challenge, athletes complete the 220 kilometres in 220 hours.

Race as an individual or as a team!

Anyone can participate.  There are no age limits and anyone can join the Project 220 as an individual or as a team.

There are no time limits and you can run at a location that suits you.  Swim at a pool or the beach, cycle on an indoor trainer in your home or gym, ride outdoors, run a trail or treadmill, the road or the beach.  Grab your mates and complete the as a team and achieve the goal in a relay.

Why Project 220?

Project 220 refers to the formula that is used to estimate your maximum heart rate while exercising.  You can calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. For example, if you’re 45 years old, subtract 45 from 220 to get a maximum heart rate of 175.

Understanding your heart rate can help make sense of a lot of triathlon training programs and can help fine tune your fitness level.

Triathlon training often involves a lot of discussion about ‘zones’.    Knowing your maximum heart rate using the 220 formula helps triathletes to set the right training zones for each of the 3 sections of a triathlon.  Zones simply define the target area of training required to increase fitness, particularly for longer distances races such as Ironman or Endurance events.

Elite athletes tend to train with an acute awareness of how they perform at optimum level.  However, Age Group athletes, and beginners, tend to train hard until they can’t go any further.  Knowing your heart rate, and training according to Zones, is considered the best method to achieve the best results.

How much does it cost?

Registration costs $40 per person, which includes a medal.

Every participant will receive a medal.  The medal will be presented at an SCTC social Club event in October, or medals can be posted to you via mail.

How do I register?

Register at

Follow the links and chose to enter as an individual or as a team.

Please enter your contact details correctly to ensure that we can send you your medal.

How do I upload my results?

Join the Sunshine Coast Tri Club Facebook page and upload your photos, take a selfie and show us the time you completed your race.  Follow the Sunshine Coast Tri Club on Instagram, and upload your photos using the hashtags #sunshinecoasttriclub #sctc  #project220

Race safe and have fun!

Just like any triathlon, make sure your gear is suitable to race.  Wear goggles and a swim cap, service your bike, and make sure you wear good quality running shoes and comfortable clothes.  Wear sunscreen and a hat, and drink plenty of water and keep your nutrition on point.

The most important is that you’ll be participating with athletes around the world and having fun!

Sunshine Coast Tri (Triathlon) Club

The SCTC is a not-for-profit charitable sports association.  The SCTC is an inclusive and supportive triathlon club, where everyone is welcome. The goals of the club is to ensure that all athletes achieve their best.  For more information about the SCTC, please visit our website at

Further information:

If you would like any further information about Project 220, or would like to become a member, please contact the Sunshine Coast Tri Club at: